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NFL Picks – Conference Championships 2024

Lamar Jackson’s feet are the recipe for success against the Chiefs and I continue to not believe in the Lions. Sorry.

NFL Picks – Divisional Round 2024

I did the incredible last week. No, I did not go 6-0. I went 0-6, which if you think about it, is so much more impressive.

NFL Picks – Wildcard Weekend 2024

Like the Eagles, I’m just going through the motions this week. I’ll try to find some life for the Divisional Round.

NFL Picks – Super Bowl LVII

The Eagles have the better team but the Chiefs have the best player at the most important position. Which will prevail?

NFL Picks – Conference Championships 2023

This is Jalen Hurts’ time to shine and for the first time in five years, Andy Reid finally has a running back.


NFL Picks – Divisional Round 2023

Opposing forces meet in KC, avoiding a 2008 reversal in Philly, Joe Burrow is the answer, and arguing with myself about the right pick in San Fran.

NFL Picks – Wildcard Weekend 2023

Two AFC teams may start 3rd string quarterbacks and the NFC quarterback field has never been this bleak. It is indeed Super Wildcard Weekend.

NFL Picks – Divisional Round 2022

I’m sorry this is so late. My 5 year-old son puked all over the house today. It was as gross as Jalen Hurts’ performance last week.

NFL Picks – Wildcard Weekend 2022

I really liked Deebo Samuel and the 49ers when I picked this photo. Two days later and I feel awful about the uber-popular underdog Niners (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)

NFL Picks – Conference Championships 2021

Tom Brady is back in another Conference Championship. Will he reach his 10th Super Bowl? (No.)  (Photo by Getty Images)

NFL Picks – Divisional Round 2021

If the Raven defense can be better than horrible, they’ll have another logo to dance on. Ride that running game to the AFC Championship Game, Baltimore. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty […]

NFL Picks – Wildcard Weekend 2021

If Ben Roethlisberger isn’t in a rush, the Steelers will ride their talented trio of receivers into the Divisional Round. (Photo by Associated Press)

NFL Picks – Conference Championships

NFL Picks – Divisional Round

NFL Picks – Wildcard Weekend

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