Monthly Archives: February 2011

Wesley Snipes and the Philadelphia Phillies

So this past weekend I sat around and watched some movies. On Saturday, I came across Murder at 1600.


Michael Vick has become a victim. It’s time to lay off.

Michael Vick bailed on the Oprah Winfrey show amid reports he’d be confronted by owners who adopted his dogs. Enough is enough. We all need to move on.


The NHL and Fighting

Fractured orbital bones and a melee on The Island have fighting in the NHL back in the national spotlight.


NFL Super Bowl XLV Review…But Not Really

I’m not sure whether it was the deep dark chocolate cake, pigs wrapped in bacon, or the over-hyped commercials, but I struggled to pay close attention to the NFL’s biggest […]


NFL Picks – Super Bowl XLV

Finally, after two weeks of analysis and mindless chatter, the ending of the 2010 NFL season will be written. Let’s hope the Steelers don’t make the cut… I mean, I […]


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