Monthly Archives: August 2010

2010 NFL Preview – NFC North

The Viking trio that traveled to Mississippi to fetch a quarterback was successful. The trio got Brett Favre, and steaks and breakfast casserole too. Will that be enough for Minnesota […]


2010 NFL Preview – AFC North

The AFC North is a war of attrition. Who will be left standing on Sunday, January 2? Is it possible the offenses will decide the division?


2010 NFL Preview – NFC West

The next stop on our NFL season preview tour is the NFC West where Alex Smith hopes to lead the 49ers over the hump and Matt Leinart works to replace […]


2010 NFL Preview – AFC West

Before the season gets underway, I must pretend I know exactly how the 2010 NFL campaign will play out. To assist me, I’ve called my younger brother up from the […]


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