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Uno Mas. Conference Recap

Peyton Manning is one win away from furthering his NFL legacy. His NFC foe will be the New Orle… ndskbhvkzcb hdbc (sorry, I fumbled my laptop) …the New Orleans Saints. […]


One Step Closer. Championship Picks

Conference heavyweights do battle with Super Bowl berths at stake. Who will punch their ticket to Miami? Bold predictions and an explanation for the Leno situation highlight this jumbo preview […]


Green Monsters. Divisional Recap Part Two

The Jets (and Nate Kaeding) tripped up the Chargers as defenses controlled the second half of the Divisional Playoffs. In the earlier contest, the Vikings mauled Tony Romo and the […]


Bush-wacked. Divisional Recap Part One

Reggie Bush and the New Orleans Saints kicked off the day by steamrolling the Arizona Cardinals and Kurt Warner. In the nightcap, the Colts and Ravens teamed up to beat […]


About Last Week… NFL Divisional Picks

The Eagles were embarrassed for the second week in a row (to the Cowboys nonetheless), and I finished 0-4 in my playoff picks. Wildcard Weekend 2010 couldn’t have gone worse. […]


Make it Stop

The Philadelphia 76ers are lost. A new coach, a high draft pick, or a superstar would be nice, but let’s be honest; the 76ers are wandering in the NBA’s mediocre […]


The Blame Game

A season full of expectations and Super Bowl dreams faded away last Saturday when the Dallas Cowboys molly-whopped Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles. There’s plenty of blame to go […]


Wildly Disappointing. NFL Wildcard Recap

The NFL’s Wildcard Weekend featured hours of blowout football. Finally, in hour 14 of 16, the Packers and Cardinals saved the day with a suspenseful finish. While AFC underdogs utilized […]


Nervous. Wildcard Picks

The NFL’s Wildcard Weekend commences in just over twelve hours. I’m a nervous wreck. Aaron Rodgers hopes to lead Green Bay to a potential third shot at Brett Favre, the […]


Winter Classic

The National Hockey League dropped the puck on their 2009-2010 season back in October. Three months later, I’m finally recognizing the NHL. While my lack of NHL content insists otherwise, […]


Abandon Ship?

I’m lucky to be alive. On Sunday evening, while sitting comfortably on the Eagles’ bandwagon, I was trampled by an exodus of millions of Eagle fans. Only Swoop (Birds’ mascot) […]


Redemption. NFL Week 17 Recap

The Dallas Cowboys avenged an embarrassing performance in the final week of the 2008 season by pinning an even more embarrassing loss on their division rival. With the exception of […]


Cry Babies. Week 17 NFL Picks

The NFL blew the week 17 schedule yet all sports writers discussed was Pittsburgh “unfairly” being kept out of the playoffs. This made as much sense to me as chemistry. […]


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