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AFC Playoff Projections Week 15

Don’t look now, but the T.J. Yates-led Houston Texans may very well be your top seed in the AFC Playoffs. That is, of course, if Tim Tebow delivers.

NFC Playoff Projections Week 15

After a tough win in Tennessee and a suprising loss by the 49ers in Arizona, the Saints move into the 2nd spot in the NFC Playoff Picture. Also, the Bears […]

AFC Playoff Projections Week 14

Four 9-3 teams and five 7-5 teams make the AFC Playoff race strangley simplistic and utterly complicated at the same time. Let’s try to make some sense of it all.

NFC Playoff Projections Week 14

The top three teams in the NFC were victorious in Week 13 while the conference’s Wildcard contenders all lost. As a result, the final projected standings didn’t drastically change. A […]

AFC Playoff Projections Week 13

The AFC proved more complicated than the NFC. Yet somehow, I managed to boil the nine teams in playoff contention down to six. An 11-5 team was left home dreaming […]

NFC Playoff Projections Week 13

The NFL playoffs are approaching. Normally, I’d want an idea of who’s in and who’s out of the playoff picture. Except this year. I can’t letdown all four of my […]

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