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Tweaking the MLB Playoffs

Fall baseball is the best kind of baseball.


The End of an Era

The Philadelphia Phillies are on pace to finish 3rd or 4th in the NL East for consecutive years, a decline that was set in motion at the 2011 trade deadline. […]


The 2012 Phillies: Cause for Concern

The Phillies quest for a sixth straight NL East Division Championship has officially begun. All signs point to the franchise’s most challenging season in years. Here’s why.


The Week in Sports 11.3.2011

Big stories this week. LSU vs. Alabama. The NBA lockout. Philip Rivers’ struggles. And Baseball news. Obviously, I weigh in.

Fantasy Baseball 2011: A Titanic Voyage

Ryan Braun was a fantasy baseball beast. I, on the other hand, was the least. My maiden voyage into fantasy baseball sunk quicker than Leo’s love cruise. The gory details…

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2011 Major League Baseball Playoff Preview

The Phillies are the overwhelming favorites in the National League. The American League goes through New York. As unpredictable as the MLB postseason is, this much we know: We’re Brian […]

Philadelphia; Euphoria or Apocalypse, With No In-Between.

Philadelphia has long been a do-or-die sports town. Yet, somehow, both the Eagles and Phillies managed to raise the stakes. Will a sports town’s ultimate doomsday be avoided?


Fantasy Baseball; A Maiden Voyage

My friends were desperate. Baseball season was a month away and they needed to fill a spot in their fantasy league. Like a good friend (or deer in the headlights), […]


Wesley Snipes and the Philadelphia Phillies

So this past weekend I sat around and watched some movies. On Saturday, I came across Murder at 1600.


Odds & N’s, Volume 1

The Fall Classic was anything but a classic. The NBA is rocking, though, and the NHL and Cam Newton are grabbing headlines too. Let’s get caught up with the sports […]


Philly Phlop – Game 4 NLCS

I can’t sleep. The Phillies just gave away game 4 in the National League Championship Series and now trail 3-1. Philadelphia certainly has the horses to win three straight, but […]


Major League Baseball Playoff Preview

My birthday just passed and I’ve never been so depressed about getting old. I’m not even that old. I just hoped I’d stay in my early twenties forever. Anyway, instead […]


To Boo, or Not to Boo?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had multiple conversations with friends about booing. These conversations culminated with a discussion about Cleveland fans’ decision to boo LeBron James and the […]


Favorite Players – The List 2010

…Aaaaaand we’re back. Sorry for the hiatus. A few weeks ago I shared what I look for when choosing a favorite player (review the checklist here). Obviously, the selection process […]


A Guide to Picking Your Favorite Players.

Athletes need us more than we need them (I may be an exception). Make sure you demand the most from your favorite players.


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