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The End of an Era

The Philadelphia Phillies are on pace to finish 3rd or 4th in the NL East for consecutive years, a decline that was set in motion at the 2011 trade deadline. […]


Fantasy Baseball; A Maiden Voyage

My friends were desperate. Baseball season was a month away and they needed to fill a spot in their fantasy league. Like a good friend (or deer in the headlights), […]


Odds & N’s, Volume 1

The Fall Classic was anything but a classic. The NBA is rocking, though, and the NHL and Cam Newton are grabbing headlines too. Let’s get caught up with the sports […]


Philly Phlop – Game 4 NLCS

I can’t sleep. The Phillies just gave away game 4 in the National League Championship Series and now trail 3-1. Philadelphia certainly has the horses to win three straight, but […]


Major League Baseball Playoff Preview

My birthday just passed and I’ve never been so depressed about getting old. I’m not even that old. I just hoped I’d stay in my early twenties forever. Anyway, instead […]


To Boo, or Not to Boo?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had multiple conversations with friends about booing. These conversations culminated with a discussion about Cleveland fans’ decision to boo LeBron James and the […]


Favorite Players – The List 2010

…Aaaaaand we’re back. Sorry for the hiatus. A few weeks ago I shared what I look for when choosing a favorite player (review the checklist here). Obviously, the selection process […]


Running Diary-World Series Game 6

Due to the probable length of tonight’s game, I won’t be able to post content before November 5th rolls around. Since I promised to add something each day in November, […]


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