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2011 NFL Preview – AFC North

We’re rolling from the soft NFC West to the rugged and violent AFC North. Is it possible a 3rd team joins the race for the division crown in 2011? Um, […]

2011 NFL Preview – NFC West

Our NFL preview tour continues in the NFC West. Otherwise known as, “the only NFL division without a legitimate contender.”


2011 NFL Preview – AFC West

It’s that time of year. 32 Teams. 8 Divisions. 2 Brothers. Once again, my brother and I break down each division in the 3rd Annual, “we used to do this as […]


Philadelphia; Euphoria or Apocalypse, With No In-Between.

Philadelphia has long been a do-or-die sports town. Yet, somehow, both the Eagles and Phillies managed to raise the stakes. Will a sports town’s ultimate doomsday be avoided?


The Quarterback I’d Want Most in 2011

It’s the most important position in all of sports. Victory brings glory and women. Defeat brings criticism, blame, alienation, and… still, women (because, you know, even if they suck, they’re […]


The DB(s) I’d Want Most in 2011.

Rex Ryan believes, with the exception of quarterback, that cornerback is the most important position in football. Without solid corners, your defense, and thus your team, will struggle. Who’s it […]


My Choice for Top WR in 2011.

Divas, show-boaters, lazy, overrated; all characteristics that may apply to a lot of NFL Wide Receivers. But not the players on my list. Let’s review the candidates.


The NFL’s Top Defensive Lineman

In 1992, 12 players registered 14 or more sacks. These days, stud defensive linemen are a protected species. Surprisingly, most reside in the NFC. Let’s review the candidates for 2011’s […]


The NFL’s Top Running Backs

Life is easier when you have a running back to grind out first downs and keep a defense honest. So who’s at the top of the class in 2011? As […]


The NFL’s Top Linebackers

Dick Butkus, LT (the real one), Mike Singletary, Ray Lewis; not the eyes you want staring back at you from across the line of scrimmage. Who’s my top choice to […]


The NFL’s Top Tight Ends

If you were asked to select one tight end to add to your favorite NFL team this fall, whom would you choose? Let’s review the top candidates.


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