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2011 Major League Baseball Playoff Preview

The Phillies are the overwhelming favorites in the National League. The American League goes through New York. As unpredictable as the MLB postseason is, this much we know: We’re Brian […]

Runnin’ Raiders. Week 4 NFL Picks

The Raiders steam-rolled the vaunted Jet defense in week 3, but can they contain Tom Brady? Michael Vick says he’s in, Kenny Britt is out, the Buffalo Bills hope to […]


Philadelphia Eagles; Soft Push-Overs

The Philadelphia Eagles have been through tough times and miserable seasons, but I can’t remember a team, more specifically, a defense, as soft as the 2011 version. Money buys talent. […]


Half-A$$ed. NFL Week 3 Recap

I fell asleep on the couch last night and didn’t wake until this morning. (You know, like how the Vikings fall asleep in the 2nd half.) As a result, my […]

Buffalo Ballin’. Week 3 NFL Picks

It’s nice to see the Buffalo Bills as relevant participants in the sporting world again. Unfortunately, the Bills’ resurgence could be short-lived as they welcome Tom Brady this week. Elsewhere, […]


ProFootballTalk Comments of the Week Vol. 1.2

This week’s edition includes Donovan McNabb, Todd Haley (again), Eli Manning, and more. Without further ado, your weekly reminder that NFL football fans can be the funniest, most passionate, and […]

Spotlight Game: Buccaneers vs Vikings, Vol. 1.2

Apparently (much to my chagrin), TBS chose this week to stop broadcasting six hours of The Office reruns. Disappointed, I began my dissection of the Tampa Bay – Minnesota game […]

Philadelphia Eagles; A Work in Progress

No one inside the Eagles organization believed Pro Bowl talent would automatically translate to wins. The Eagles’ loss in Atlanta on Sunday night was a perfect example. Excessive miscues and […]


Hear them roar. NFL Week 2 Recap

The Lions, led by Matthew Stafford, are making a case to be considered among the NFC’s contenders. Justifiable, or too early? Elsewhere, the Chargers, Eagles, and 49ers lose in disheartening […]

Homecoming. Week 2 NFL Picks

Michael Vick returns to Atlanta to prove his Eagles are the real birds of prey in the NFC. The Colts drag on without Peyton Manning while two potential MVP candidates […]

ProFootballTalk Comments of the Week Vol. 1.1

Welcome to the debut of my newest weekly post. This week includes the Colts, Tom Brady, Todd Haley, and more. Without further ado, your weekly reminder that, regardless of how […]

Spotlight Game: Panthers vs Cardinals, Vol. 1.1

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’ll select one game each week to record and review on Tuesday evening after watching six reruns of The Office. I chose the […]

NFL Week 1 Recap

Surprising upsets, shocking blowouts, and yet another collapse from Tony Romo. Let’s review the NFL’s opening weekend.

NFL Futures – Total Wins

I had to post my total wins predictions for each team before today’s games were underway. That way, when I go 0-32, I can prove I didn’t cheat.


Start Your Engines. Week 1 NFL Picks

Thursday night was monumental. President Obama demanded change; Congress couldn’t decide whether to sit or stand; and most importantly, America’s lifeblood returned. That’s right: Football is back.

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