Week 18 NFL Picks

It all comes down to Sunday night for Derek Carr and the Raiders. [And the Chargers too, but they’re not pictured.] (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)


Week 13 NFL Picks

Covid Struck the household so the last two weeks have been a blur. Please stay six feet from your screen. Thanks.


Week 11 NFL Picks

In addition to not turning the football over, the Chiefs added an effective wrinkle to their offense Sunday night in Vegas (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)


Week 9 NFL Picks

Without Derrick Henry the Titans now find themselves in a similar position to another AFC challenger (Photo by  George Walk IV/


Week 5 NFL Picks

Allen Robinson is off to a rough start. He’s making $18 million so he doesn’t need a hug, but he could use a quarterback. (Photo by Getty Images)


Week 4 NFL Picks

Starting rookie quarterbacks are on the struggle bus right now. Trevor Lawrence showed signs of exiting the bus Thursday. Justin Fields is still running for his life. (Photo by Kirk […]


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