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Villanova and a run in the Big East Tournament

It’s been a tough season for Villanova, to say the least. Despite a highly touted recruiting class, the Wildcats have struggled. Though, hope remains for a run deep into the […]

Here comes the madness

March Madness doesn’t officially start for another 10 days, but make no mistake, the push for the NCAA tournament is just as maddening.

Should NCAA Athletes be Paid?

There’s been an awful lot of talk recently about compensating collegiate athletes. Some argue these athletes are being exploited by the NCAA. Fair or foul?


NCAA March Madness Elite Eight Review, Part II

I intended on posting this about 12 hours ago. Unfortunately, I spent the entirety of the morning cuddling with my toilet. Nonetheless, I’ve overcome sickness, fever, and sleep deprivation to […]


NCAA March Madness Elite Eight Review

The action was thrilling, the endings were breathtaking, and Gus Johnson reminded us why he’s the voice of March Madness. It wasn’t all roses, though, and despite the exciting finishes, […]


March Madness Update

Exciting? Sure. Entertaining? Maybe. Well played? Hardly.


March Madness – Seven Reasons to Watch

It’s difficult to preview the NCAA Tournament. For one, I don’t have the time to watch enough college basketball to know everything there is to know about all 64 teams. […]


Villanova Needs Muscle

March. Warmer weather, extended daylight, and of course, college basketball. Unfortunately for me, my Villanova Wildcats are withering away as the NCAA postseason approaches.


Duke Wins. Final Four Recap

With all due respect to Butler and Duke (OK, I don’t mean that. I don’t really respect Duke and their “basketball pwayers”), I’m relieved the NCAA tournament has finally concluded. […]


March Madness Elite Eight Review

The Final Four has been determined. For those of you that had a #1, a #2, and two #5’s in your Final Four, please give yourself a round of applause. […]


Sweet 16 Review Part Two

Tennessee knocked off the favored Buckeyes while the clock struck twelve for Cinderellas Northern Iowa and St. Mary’s. Oh yeah, Duke won too.


Sweet 16 Review Part One

First, Syracuse got bullied by the Butler Bulldogs. Then, Kansas State and Xavier put on a thriller from start to finish. AND most importantly, Gus Johnson finally got a day […]


March Madness Day 4 Review

Go ahead and take a breath. After four straight days of suspenseful, heart wrenching action, we certainly deserve a break. Day four of March Madness provided some upsets, blowouts, and […]


March Madness Day 3 Review

Saturday’s action brought some unexpected flavor to the NCAA Tournament. Two heavyweights abruptly crumpled while another put an emphatic claim to the 2010 title.


March Madness Day 2 Review

So it didn’t live up to the opening day of the tournament. Hoping day two would match yesterday’s excitement was a pipe dream anyway. Nonetheless, I review the day’s significant […]


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