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Guess Who’s Back? Week 4 NFL Picks

That’s right, Donovan McNabb returns to the city that originally didn’t want him, then grew to love him, and later loathed him. Will he be booed or cheered? Welcomed or […]


Breaking Down the NFC.

Monday night’s slop-fest has led me to believe the NFC is once again inferior to the AFC. If one were to break down the National Football Conference by class, it […]


No good. NFL Week 3 Recap

We’re three weeks in and we have yet to see a truly elite team. What gives? Around the league, the NFC East is suffering and the Dolphins missed an opportunity […]


NFC North Battle. Week 3 NFL Picks

It’s already been a great week. The Phillies swept the Braves, the Cowboys are in disarray, and the Sixers traded Willie Green. The only thing that could make this week […]


The Vick-Kolb Situation Puts Philadelphia In A Tough Spot

Andy Reid calls the Eagles current quarterback conundrum a “beautiful situation.” If by “beautiful” he means “unbelievably complicated,” then he’s right. What caused Reid’s change of heart? Here are three […]


Vick-tory. NFL Week 2 Recap

Michael Vick led the Eagles past Detroit in his return as a starting quarterback, the Patriots went AWOL in the second half in New York, and the Texans continued their, […]


Slouch vs. Revis Island. Week 2 NFL Picks

The war of words between Darrelle Revis and Randy Moss continued this week as the division rivals square off on Sunday. Can the “Slouch” (Moss) escape Revis Island? Elsewhere, Michael […]


2010 NFL Preview – NFC East

We’ve saved the best for last. It’s a well known fact that the NFC East is the top division in football. You can argue all you want, but you won’t […]


2010 NFL Preview – AFC East

With Darrelle Revis’ return to New York’s defense, the Jets are again considered Superbowl contenders. In the AFC East only Tom Brady stands in their way … and Miami and […]


2010 NFL Preview – NFC South

We’re only days from kickoff as the 2010 season preview rolls into the NFC South where Drew Brees and the NFL’s defending champions look to repeat. Can Matt Ryan lead […]


2010 NFL Preview – AFC South

By the time he retires, the NFL may rename this division after Peyton Manning. He’s been the president, governor, mayor, and sheriff of the AFC South since its inception. In […]


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