ProFootballTalk Comments of the Week Vol. 1.4

This week’s edition includes the Lions talking trash, Michael Vick’s ribs, a Twitter war, and of course, Tim Tebow. Without further ado, your weekly reminder that NFL football fans can be the funniest, most passionate, and downright dumbest people on the World Wide Web.

For those of you that missed the PFT Comments of the Week debut, or if you want to know what the heck this weekly post is all about, you can get the lowdown here.

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Ndamukong Suh: Packers aren’t perfect, Lions are at their level
Ndamukong Suh clearly thinks the Packers aren’t that special. While Suh made some valid (and extremely obvious) points (For example: “It’s just a matter of eliminating mistakes… and causing them to make as many mistakes as possible.” – Really? You think?), he’s dead wrong. The Lions aren’t even on the level below the Packers, they’re two levels below. I know it’s a division game, but I can’t imagine Aaron Rodgers hanging less than 31 on that Detroit secondary. Although Green Bay’s defense isn’t great, they force turnovers. Matthew Stafford has thrown six interceptions in his last two games. You do the math.
Comment from hendeeze: “The Wind > The Comments from the Lions players.”
Analysis: Absolutely true. The Lions love to talk, and talk, and talk about how tough and talented they are. Yet, the Bears physically abused them two weeks ago. Better yet, the Lions’ only wins in their previous five games have come against the one-dimensional Broncos and the 2-8 Panthers. But hey, keep talking, Detroit. It will only make it more enjoyable for the rest of us when you miss the playoffs entirely.

Josh Scobee calls DeSean Jackson “punk,” starts Twitter feud
After DeSean Jackson foolishly flipped the football toward the Giants defensive coordinator on Sunday night after a 50 yard completion, Jaguars kicker, Josh Scobee tweeted his lack of respect for Jackson and called him a “puny bastard.” Jackson responded by telling Scobee to mind his own business and declared, “I don’t even know who this guy is.”
Comment from baconholybacon: What is it about Twitter that turns supposed adults into name-calling children?”
Analysis: First of all, I’m not so sure I would consider Jackson an adult just yet, but that’s beside the point. I love Twitter. It’s entertaining and informative. However, it does make it easy for “internet bullying.” In other words, there’s no way a kicker makes those comments to another player if in the same room. Although Jackson is indeed puny, he’s not a kicker. Twitter is the sober equivalent of beer muscles. If you wouldn’t say it to their face, you shouldn’t Tweet it, but I’ll settle for tweeting it first and saying it to their face later. Actually, that would make an entertaining Pay-Per-View series.

Vick will try to throw today
Michael Vick was testing out those broken ribs on Tuesday.
Comment from mtchainsmoker: “ ‘Do or do not. There is no try.’ Yoda”
Analysis: Anytime a Yoda quote applies to a situation, it’s a big deal. Vick playing this Sunday is a big deal. Vince Young gutted out a victory last week, but I fear the Eagles need a relatively healthy Vick to expose New England’s secondary. Play, and play well, Vick must.

Gronkowski: I didn’t suffer a concussioin, wouldn’t admit it if I did
After falling violently on his head/neck on Monday night, Rob Gronkowski remained in the game. After the game, he shared the following, “I remember the moment and everything. If I didn’t, I still wouldn’t even say I didn’t. I’m trying to play this week.”
Comment from predictatepanda: “Somehow Goodell is going to figure a way to parlay this into a fine. ‘Let’s see, intention to mislead…. $5,000.’”
Analysis: Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if predictatepanda is right about this. Roger Goodell has taken his commissioner role too far. Earl Bennett of the Bears has been fined for the past three weeks because he wears orange sneakers. Guess what? The Bears colors are blue, orange, and white. Why are orange sneakers a big deal? Goodell continually takes freedoms from the players, freedoms that have no impact on the game or the NFL’s image. Right now, Goodell is just a bully in a nice suit. Goodell should pay close attention to the NBA’s current situation. David Stern continually took from the players until they finally broke. Now, those same players he took from are tarnishing his legacy and on the verge of cancelling an entire NBA season. Ease up, Roger.

Jake Plummer wishes Tim Tebow would cut down on the religion talk
If you live under a rock or hate sports, allow me to get you up to speed. Tim Tebow is a polarizing quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Win or lose, he gives credit to Jesus. He never avoids talking about his faith or his greater purpose. Jake Plummer, a former Bronco quarterback, is clearly is sick of hearing about Tebow’s faith.
Comment from kd75: “Not to self: Don’t stand next to Jake Plummer during a lightning storm…”
Analysis: I live to not make three people angry: 3. The guy that makes my delicious burgers at Five Guys. 2. My wife. 1. God. Jake obviously doesn’t agree. Good luck to you, Jake. Good luck.
Bonus Comment from londonfletcher: “ ‘Yeah? Well, handball is stupid.’ – Tim Tebow”
Hahahaha. (Plummer loves handball. In fact, he gave up football to play handball.)

Elway’s comments enrage Tebowmaniacs
John Elway isn’t sold on Tim Tebow as the future of the Denver Broncos. Elway came out this week and said the team was no closer to finding a franchise quarterback than they were at the beginning of the year. Fans were obviously outraged at Elway’s comments, especially the timing of them.
Comment from davemeisner: As a Bronco fan and a Tebow fan I’m happy that Elway made those comments.. it shows he’s not completely smoke screened by a win and see’s that Tim has a LONG way to go to be a championship QB. This only makes the team better.”
Analysis: He’s absolutely right. I’m 100% on the Tebow bandwagon but it’s hard to ignore his deficiencies in the passing game. It would be irresponsible and completely foolish for the Broncos to commit to Tebow as their long-term franchise quarterback right now. On the other hand, I don’t see why both Elway and John Fox are so public with their desire to essentially replace Tebow. While Tebow clearly doesn’t need their support, you’d think a team would at least temporarily back the QB that’s gotten them back in the playoff chase and revived an entire fan base.

Sam Bradford can’t believe how bad this season has been
Sam Bradford and the Rams were supposed to compete for the NFC West division title. Instead, they suck, alot.
Comment from autumnwind999: “I am disappointed by the lack of Tim Tebow mentions in this story.”
Analysis: Touché, autumnwind999. Touché.

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