Week 13 NFL Picks

Covid Struck the household so the last two weeks have been a blur. Please stay six feet from your screen. Thanks.

Just rolling through the picks this week because I can’t taste food. I love food. Thus, I’m angry. But hey, fought my way back to over .500 for the season which can only mean one thing… 4-10 incoming.

Week 11:       10 – 5 – 0
Last Week:    8 – 7 – 0
Season:        89 – 87 – 1

Thursday Night (8:20PM ET)

Cowboys 27 at Saints 17
I took the Cowboys, but Dallas needs to get right or they’ll be one-and-done in the postseason.

Early Games (1:00PM ET)

Buccaneers at Falcons
Falcons will cover until the last four minutes and then lose by 20. Again. FALCONS +11

Cardinals at Bears
Kyler Murray is back. Rust + rested is still better than Chicago. CARDINALS -7.5

Chargers at Bengals
Herbert won year one. Burrow is winning year two. BENGALS -3

Vikings at Lions
Mike Zimmer gets fired with a loss. I’m warning all Minnesota fans… Justin Jefferson is going to end up in jail if Kirk Cousins doesn’t stop sailing footballs. VIKINGS -7.5

Giants at Dolphins
Win-win for Eagle fans, though I think I’d rather New York win even though that hurts Eagles “playoff chances.” I use quotation marks there because did you watch last week? Wooof. DOLPHINS -6

Eagles at Jets
Must catch game for Jalen Reagor. Still super glad we didn’t take Justin Jefferson. Dodged one there. Was hoping to see Gardner Minshew but alas. EAGLES -7

Colts at Texans
Carson Wentz’s turnovers were overblown last week (hail mary pick, Pittman’s fault on other), but when you have a turnover-scarred season as Wentz did in 2020 it’ll take a long time to shake that reputation. COLTS -10

Afternoon Games (4:05PM ET)

Football Team at Raiders
Took half a season but Washington finally realized Antonio Gibson is their meal ticket on offense. FOOTBALL TEAM +1.5

Jaguars at Rams
Anyone else enjoying Sean McVay losing more than me? JAGUARS +13

Ravens at Steelers
Pretty much a must-win for the Steelers. (Copy and paste weekly.) STEELERS +4.5

49ers at Seahawks
Could this be Russell Wilson’s last game in Seattle? They’re pretty much eliminated from the postseason and all signs point to a trade in the offseason. Why risk his health and jeopardize your asset just to play out the schedule? SEAHAWKS +3.5

Sunday Night (8:20PM ET)

Broncos at Chiefs
Denver is the bi-polar team of 2021. I have no idea what to expect from them so I’ll take Kansas City to keep trending upward. CHIEFS -9.5

Monday Night (8:15PM ET)

Patriots at Bills
Obviously important game to both but I think the Bills need it more. They have one win over a good team and that was when the Chiefs were drunk. BILLS -2.5


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