Thanksgiving Recap

The NFC East looked like turkeys on Thanksgiving. And so did Aaron Rodgers’ receivers. (AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth)

Eagles 14 at Lions 45
Not sure how you could justify keeping Chip Kelly after that debacle. I’m not even mad. At this point I’d rather see the Eagles get crushed if it increases the likelihood of Kelly being pushed out. Also, Matthew Stafford is so talented. I don’t get why he’s not better. Amazingly, he’s only 27. If the Lions throw in the towel on Stafford, I’d buy low on him. He could have a great career down the road if he can find some consistency. Carson Palmer and Philip Rivers are both examples of quarterbacks whose best seasons came in their 30s.

Panthers 33 at Cowboys 14
Hahahahahahahahaha …. Hold on ….. hahahahahahahahahaha … still not done … hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha … Well done, Dallas! I can’t tell you how many people I talked to that legitimately believed the Cowboys would win Sunday. Think about how crazy that is. The Eagles were crushed by a team with a losing record and no Eagles fan was blindsided by that result. Their outrage only increased. Any Eagles fan with a brain knew their season ended after they collapsed against Miami. For Dallas fans to be shocked and devastated by Thursday’s outcome is hysterical. News flash: Your season ended weeks ago. There never was a chance. Stop doing drugs. The Panthers were 10-0 for a reason. Dallas was 3-7 for a reason. Tony Romo was clearly not the only reason. Had I known Dallas’ humiliation would only occur if the Eagles were trounced by Detroit, I’d still take it. That’s how much I despise Chip Kelly and Dallas. Seriously, well done, Cowboys. You hung right in there with the undefeated Panthers for almost a full minute. A FULL MINUTE! Also, what a great game by Dez Bryant. Such a stud. Maybe he saves that initial touchdown if he… I don’t know… pursues the ball carrier instead of jabbing with Josh Norman?!?!? Anyway, another great win by the Panthers, and more importantly, another epic loss by the Cowboys. Everything about that game was so Dallas. I may watch it again tomorrow. Oh, hey, sad Cowboy.

Sad Cowboy

Bears 17 at Packers 13
Try to find a receiving core underperforming like Green Bay’s this season. I dare you to find an equal. Aaron Rodgers would have more luck posting shopping carts around the field and throwing the football at them. Davante Adams would be a really good receiver if only he were good at receiving the football. Let the 2015 Packers be a lesson to all you GMs and coaches out there: A slot receiver cannot be your best receiver. (ARE YOU LISTENING CHIP KELLY?!?!) It’s really not the Packers fault, either. They couldn’t have planned for Jordy Nelson to blow a tire in training camp. I wish I could say the same for the Eagles. I’ve never seen Aaron Rodgers attempt so few deep balls. In fact, I can’t remember one attempt beyond 20-25 yards on Thursday night. It’s been long enough, Green Bay, go find Terrell Owens. He can’t be any worse than what you got.

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