NFL Super Bowl XLIX Pick

The Super Bowl has been hijacked by one stupid story after another. Finally, it’s time to focus on the game. That is, if you still have the energy. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Last Week:  2 – 0 – 0
Playoffs:     6 – 4 – 0

Sunday, February 1 (6:30PM ET)

I stopped paying close attention to football the moment the Patriots went up 30 in the 2nd half against the Colts. The last two weeks have validated that decision. Here were the major stories dominating Super Bowl headlines:

  • The New England Patriots are cheaters
  • Marshawn Lynch is a bum for ignoring the media
  • Marshawn Lynch is a hero for ignoring the media
  • Players hate Roger Goodell
  • Fans hate Roger Goodell
  • The NFL is a disgraced institution


I care about zero of those stories. The Patriots deflated footballs? Oh well. Prove to me they were directly involved and maybe I’ll give it two minutes of thought. (I probably still wouldn’t care.) Marshawn Lynch is antagonizing the NFL and the media? So what. Given the few things he’s said throughout his career, it’s probably better for the world if we don’t hear what Lynch thinks. Consider his silence a gift. And yes, the NFL is in disarray right now. Want to know why? Well, it’s run by people, that’s why. People are flawed. The government is flawed. My house is flawed. People run those things. It’s inevitable. It’s also not that big of a deal that an institution for sports and entertainment has some issues. You know what I like? Football. Let’s watch football.

Deep down I hope Tom Brady wins Sunday because I think he’s the greatest quarterback of all time. Another title would, in my opinion, cement that legacy. Oh, while we’re at it, please tell Troy Aikman to stop criticizing Brady in regards to “deflategate.” Aikman is throwing shade at Brady because he doesn’t want Brady winning more Super Bowls than him. It’s that simple. Once again, Dallas Cowboys are the worst.

Anyway, while I’m rooting for Tom Brady, I think Seattle wins. They played their worst game of the year two weeks ago and survived. I doubt they lay an egg in consecutive games. Seattle’s defense has the personnel to slow New England’s passing game. Though the Patriots could pound the football with some success, I don’t see it being enough to beat the best defense the NFL has seen since those Raven defenses of the early 2000’s.

Here’s a random thought. What if both the Seahawks and Patriots make it a point to relentlessly attack the other’s greatest weakness? In a Super Bowl featuring the electric Russell Wilson and the legend Tom Brady, we could have dueling running backs carrying the football 30 times each. One running back quit on his former team two months ago to end up here. The other has ignored the media for more than a year while giving the NFL migraines on a weekly basis. A 13-12 final headlined by a quitter and a mute would be a fitting end for a disastrous season.

I know I haven’t offered a slice of football insight to this pick. Nothing intelligent is on your screen right now. Nothing is coming, either. I don’t have it in me. The two weeks of nonsense sucks the football life right out of me. Also, I’ve been engulfed in the NBA and teaching my son to count to ten before the state of New York deems me unfit to be his parent. If you care, I’m taking the Seahawks. I picked Seattle to repeat back in September and I’m sticking to it. Defense and two to three game-changing plays by Russell Wilson will win the day. Marshawn Lynch will win our hearts and minds. SEAHAWKS If I were Charles Barkley; Seahawks +1.5


Last Week: 2 – 0 – 0
Playoffs:    5 – 5 – 0

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