Is it LeBron’s year? I hope not.

He’s the reigning two-time MVP, the most prolific athlete in all of sports, and I love watching him play. Why on earth wouldn’t I want LeBron James to win an NBA title this year?

LeBron James is the most talked about player in the National Basketball Association. He’s the most gifted player, the most marketable individual, and the most celebrated superstar. Currently, he has the eyes of the sports world upon him as he pursues that elusive first championship. There’s the obvious question that we’ve all by now debated, “Will he get it this year?” I won’t bore you with those details. Instead, I’m going to ask a different question, “Do I want him to get it this year?”

Simply put, no.

Do I hate LeBron James? Absolutely not. While he’s not one of my favorite players in the league, I don’t have any reason to dislike him. My Sixers are too incapable and confused for LeBron to fall under the “hated rival” category, so there’s no disdain there. He appears to be an excellent teammate and ambassador for the league. Both are positive traits. To top it off, he provides amazing, jaw-dropping displays of athleticism that I’ve only seen once before in my life and that was on NBA Jam. So yeah, I don’t hate LeBron. I have no reason to.

With that said, I don’t want him to win the title this year. Here’s why.

First of all, I can’t stand the Cleveland Cavaliers. Top to bottom, they repulse me. Their uniforms are lousy, they’re a 7th or 8th seed (at best) without LeBron, and the team is flat out annoying. We get it. You all love playing on the same team. You’re real heroes. I’m pretty sure if you collected 11 basketball players from anywhere in the world and teamed them with LeBron they’d be tickled pink too. Instead of taking fake pictures of each other and kissing up the LeBron, perhaps you could help carry the load? How many times is Mo Williams going to disappear in a critical playoff series before LeBron drop kicks him off the floor?

This is exactly why I can’t root for LeBron to win a title this year. It would prove that a single player, surrounded by average talent, could swipe a championship. Jordan never did it. Kobe tried and failed. Iverson made a valiant effort but also fell short. This golden rule must not be broken. Even NBA superstars need a second (and possibly third) fiddle.

This year, LeBron is again flanked by a group of out-of-tune Chelos that he’ll need to drag along in order to advance deep into the postseason-something he’s been doing every postseason dating back to 2006. Cleveland’s front office has yet to give him a legitimate team to win with. That’s on them. If LeBron is title-less come July, there’s a real possibility he’s going to look at Cleveland’s roster and say goodbye. No one could blame him either. Year after year he’s been sent to war with water pistols and a few paintball guns while Kobe and Paul Pierce have been wielding automatic rifles and missiles. The Cavaliers as a team don’t deserve a title. It’s not LeBron’s fault, but I can’t support his efforts to hand a championship to a group that’s watched him do all the grunt work for the past four years.

The second reason I don’t want LeBron to win this year is because of the media’s biased coverage of the one they call “King James.” Again, this isn’t entirely LeBron’s fault, but it’s painful nonetheless. Everything LeBron does is glorified at another level. There are no metaphors too strong for journalists and no hyperbole too extreme for broadcasters. On Monday night in game two against the Celtics, LeBron played a subpar game (for his standards). TNT’s broadcast duo of Marv Albert and Reggie Miller never offered that LeBron was having an off night. Instead, it was his elbow this, his elbow that. Every mistake he made was due to his elbow. If he threw the ball away, it was the elbow. If he missed badly on an open shot, it was the elbow. I understand LeBron’s hurt and the elbow is an issue, but in the first quarter Miller declared that “elbow-gate” was put to rest and LeBron was fine. Then LeBron starts making poor decisions and all of a sudden his elbow is the problem again. Huh?

Yes, he’s LeBron James, and yes, he’s amazingly talented. He is human though. If you cut him, I’m confident he’d bleed. It’s also probable he’ll have a bad game from time to time. Everyone does. I only wish the media would tell it like it is. Not everything has to be so complicated. K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid. Please?

And finally, I love the other remaining teams more. If you haven’t noticed, there’s a trend here. None of my reasons for not wanting LeBron to win are his fault (and yes, I just used a double negative). I know that sounds unfair, but life sucks sometimes. I’m sure LeBron will survive. Seriously though, you can’t expect me to get behind a team like Cleveland when there are so many better “teams” out there, can you?

Take the Boston Celtics for instance. People love to hate the Celtics. They’re cocky, rugged, and show no fear in mixing it up on the court. Guess what? I love their style. Do you think they care that LeBron is the league’s best player? Not a chance. Here’s how I’d break it down: Boston is a group of feisty sharks. Off in the distance there’s a giant whale that no single shark could ever conquer. Only, that whale is surrounded by guppies. Where one shark may fail, a group may succeed. LeBron’s that whale among guppies. The Celtics have already intimidated the guppies enough to isolate the whale. Now it’s only a matter of time before the whale can’t survive alone. It may not be the sharks from Boston that finish the job, but it will undoubtedly get done prior to a Cleveland title.

Remember, I like LeBron James, and I want him to win an NBA title. I just don’t want it to be this year.


  1. Pops Coyle

    I thoroughly enjoyed this assessment of “King James” and ‘not this year’. The analogy of whale, guppies, and sharks is a great way to illustrate your argument.

  2. brothercoyle

    So I guess with your analogy, Timmy is a dying patriarch whale with a bunch of exubrant youths excorting him to his watery grave?

  3. Ryan (Author)

    You bite your tongue, Derek. He just needs a new body like the guy from AVATAR.

  4. ShopWatchBuy

    LOL, lebron it might not be his year this year but next year watch out…

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