Eagles Need to Win Sunday

Just a friendly FYI: Tonight’s outcome was not beneficial to the Eagles’ playoff chances if they were to miss out on winning the NFC East.

The Eagles lose any tiebreaker with whichever team doesn’t win the NFC West (AZ or SEA). Additionally, the Eagles will almost certainly finish with an inferior conference record than Detroit. Philadelphia is currently 5-4 with three games remaining. Of Course, if the Eagles win all three, they win the division and the last 50 words are irrelevant. Just for fun, let’s say the Eagles finish 2-1 and end with a 7-5 conference record. Detroit is currently 7-2 with the Vikings, Bears and Packers remaining. While anything is possible, it’s hard to imagine a 0-3 finish from Detroit. One win clinches Detroit the conference tiebreaker over the Eagles.

In conclusion, the Eagles better win Sunday.

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