Birdfeed: Vol. 23.4; Winning is Winning… I think

The Eagles haven’t lost this season and yet it feels like they haven’t won either. What happens next?

First of all, what a spoiled fanbase we are to be one of two undefeated teams and still wondering if our team is any good. I am by no means criticizing the sentiment. I feel the same and it’s completely rational. The Eagles haven’t put out a complete performance yet and the natives are restless. However, look across the parking lot to the Fightin Phils.

The 2023 Phillies, fresh off a rousing 2022 postseason run that culminated in a World Series appearance, were atrocious for most of the early season. It wasn’t until mid-July when the energy and fight of the 2022 squad reappeared. It’s human nature. When you play at the pinnacle of your sport and feel the intensity of those championship moments, a regular season game in the spring won’t bring the best out of you. I’m not necessarily defending it, but it is what it is. We’d all react similarly.

The Eagles are in spring mode, and they’ve gotten away with it… for now. That will undoubtedly change if the Eagles don’t find their 2022 mojo and kick the engines into 3rd or 4th gear. Idling worked for the first three weeks. It nearly cost them in Week 4.

I think a lot of fans (myself included) are waiting for that first loss to actually unleash all the fury that has built up throughout the Eagles sluggish start. It’s hard to really rage against a 4-0 football team, but this version of the Eagles is sloppy and their MVP caliber quarterback lacks MVP play. He’s just another quarterback right now.

The Phillies turned their season around midsummer but the real kickstart was the Trea Turner ovation. Turner and the Phillies have been on fire since and they’re playing like a postseason menace again. The Eagles need a moment to snap them from their mediocre daze. It’s most likely going to be a loss, unfortunately. I had hoped Washington’s rally last week would be that moment that flipped the switch and alerted the Eagles that it’s time to show up, but their overtime performance was just meh. I fear the worst this week. Los Angeles has given teams all they could handle thus far. The back end of the Eagle defense was atrocious against a 2nd year quarterback coming off a dismal performance at home. Not great for a team with Super Bowl win or bust aspirations.

Winning is all that matters. It’s true. However, sometimes the way you win says more about your future than your current record.  4-0 says one of the NFL’s best. The product on the field says in need of spark, headed for disappointment.


Thursday Night Pick; Commanders -5.5

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