Birdfeed: Vol. 22.8; Go Phils

I’m heading out on a 36 hour whirlwind with my eldest son that will hopefully result in seeing the Philadelphia Phillies win a World Series title.

As a result, this week’s Bird Feed is going to be brief. So here we go… Three points and I’m gone.

  1. The Texans aren’t very good. In fact, they’re very bad. This makes me a tiny bit worried about an Eagles let down because A. they’re on the road, probably in a half empty stadium, and B. the Eagles will likely be demoted to 2nd screen status in most homes with the Phillies potentially playing to clinch a title. The Eagles aren’t dumb. They now the city has snuck over to the sidepiece Phils over the last few weeks. Nick Sirianni has done a masterful job at keeping his team hungry and focused. This will be his greatest challenge yet. (I can’t remember if I said this about last week’s game, but if I did, it’s even truer on Thursday. Also, sorry for recycling content.)


  1. Nick Sirianni – like Doug Pederson and Andy Reid before him – loves to forget about the running game for long stretches. As I mentioned in part one, I’m not expecting the Eagles best Thursday night. Run the football, eat clock and get out of Dodge. The Eagles are the better team and it’s not particularly close. The running game is the most effective method to take care of business.


  1. I’m all about finding flaws with this 7-0 Eagles team. It’s what I do best. But the surge of criticism aimed at the Eagles for the weakness of their schedule? Please. This is what happens when doubters run out of actual concerns. (I still have a few, by the way.) This isn’t college football. The Eagles are in no way responsible for their schedule. They play who is on the paper. And’s let’s not forget, they beat the 6-1 Vikings with ease, handled the 6-2 Cowboys with little resistance and dominated the perennial great Pittsburgh Steelers last week (I joke). The schedule will eventually test the Eagles. Their final seven features four likely playoff teams (TENN, @NYG, @DAL, NYG) and the remaining three could be fighting for their playoff lives (GB, @CHI, NO). Maybe two of those three competing for a playoff spot is a stretch, but both the Bears and Saints have proven capable of putting up a fight against superior opponents.

So there you have it. Three worthless points. You’re welcome. Go Phillies.


Thursday Night Pick; Texans +14

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