Birdfeed: Vol. 22.1; First Pot Is A Liar.

The Eagles are back and lessons from the Bering Sea should be considered before moving forward.

I watch Deadliest Catch. Have since it started almost 20 years ago. I always think to myself how great I’d be on one of those boats. Then I remind myself that being both cold and wet is my least favorite state of existence. The crew would hate me and I’d likely throw myself overboard. None of this has anything to do with the Eagles victory over the Lions Sunday EXCEPT, if you watch Deadliest Catch, you know the first pot is a liar.

There could be hundreds of crab in that first pot of a string and only a handful in the next and vice versa. First pot is a liar.

That’s where I am on the Eagles after one week. The offense could be that good, but who knows. First pot is a liar.

Jonathan Gannon’s defense may very well be a train wreck for another year. Or it could be great. First pot is a liar.

What we do know is the Eagles have some issues that need addressing if they hope to live up to the hype and expectations of an NFC contender.

At the top of that list is the defense. The Eagles spent a lot of money and draft capital upgrading Gannon’s defense. In their debut the defense surrendered five touchdowns, 6.5 yards per rush and couldn’t get off the field on 3rd down. The Lions offense certainly has talent, but no offense with Jared Goff at the helm should produce like that against a respectable defense. Regardless, no one should be panicking. Starters hardly play in the preseason anymore and nearly half of the defense is either new or did not play significant time last season. It’s going to take time for this unit to gel and find what works.

On the offensive side there was obviously a lot to like. AJ Brown is the most dominant receiver in Philly since Terrell Owens. Miles Sanders looked better than he has in years. Jalen Hurts extended drives with his legs and managed to do so without exposing himself to excessive contact. Best of all, the offensive line was dominant. The offense has a lot of critical pieces but none greater than the line. If that unit stays relative healthy the offense should have no problem sleepwalking to 24+ points every week.

Picking Nits? Yes, I would love to, thank you. The passing game must diversify. AJ Brown in midnight green (or white, whatever) is on film now. Five targets to receivers not named AJ Brown won’t be enough as defenses scheme to limit Hurts’ favorite target. This isn’t a shot at Hurts either. DeVonta Smith just wasn’t open Sunday. He struggled finding separation and the few times he broke free Hurts went elsewhere. While it’s slightly immoral to complain about your offense after a 38-point outing, I would appreciate a few more deep shots. The attempt alone keeps the safeties honest and goes a long way to ensuring Hurts has space to scramble if no one is open.

But all in all, a win is a win. And it’s only Week One. So while the offense was great and the defense was bad, remember; first pot is liar.


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