10 Things, NFL Week 2

Recapping the news and events of Week 2 in the …(Ron Jaworski voice)… National. Football. League. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

[Please Note: My wife had a baby Saturday night. Wait, that sounds weird…My wife had our baby Saturday night. Thus, anything and everything I post over the next few weeks will likely be brief and lacking lucidity. Don’t judge. I have three kids now. We’re outnumbered. In 16 years I’ll get my freedom back. Now it’s all about surviving.]

TEN. Despite being an Eagles fan, I’m a little heartbroken about the Robert Griffin III injury, especially considering the Redskins look better with Kirk Cousins at the helm. Anyway, I do feel bad for Griffin… and myself, too. Though the kid whined like no other throughout his first two years in the NFL, his rookie season was nothing short of breathtaking. I couldn’t get enough of his speed, game-changing plays, and jaw-dropping athleticism. Now it’s all gone, perhaps for good. I’m not a fan of that.

NINE. I didn’t quite get the outrage over the “missed call” on the crucial Andrew Luck interception late in the 4th quarter of the Eagles/Colts Monday night clash. Since I’m obviously biased, I asked three non-Eagle fans. All three said it should have been called. Even though it appears I’m wrong, wasn’t T.Y. Hilton already falling to the ground when Brandon Boykin put his hands on him? It also looked to me that they were still within five yards. I didn’t see any holding going on, so I’m not exactly sure what people thought the referees could call there. But hey, if you want to hate, Brandon Boykin has an idea for you. (WARNING: Not pleasant material.)

EIGHT. As the outrage aimed at the NFL continues, I wonder why we’re sooooooo angry with the NFL for not raining down proper punishment on accused offenders. I mean, the NFL does exist to punish ACCUSED offenders, no? It doesn’t? You mean the NFL is a football league? You mean it’s not the justice system? Weird.

Tell me this, angry mob: Would you want to be suspended or fired BEFORE your day in court? Wouldn’t you want due process to take its course before the angry mob fed you to the wolves? Why then are we so hypocritically self-righteous when it comes to athletes, celebrities, and anyone else in the public eye? Ray Rice; convicted. Punished by the NFL. Yes, the initial sentence was light, but he was punished nonetheless. Greg Hardy; NOT convicted (yet). (North Carolina’s system is weird. A judge convicted Hardy but his case will now go to a jury so due process is not yet complete.) Hardy initially was allowed to play before being benched in Week 2 by the Panthers, who were under heavy pressure from planet earth to do so. Now, Hardy has taken a “voluntary” leave. Yeh, just like I “voluntarily” pay taxes. Adrian Peterson; NOT convicted (yet). Regardless, he’s also out until his criminal case is resolved.

I go to the NFL for football and only football. I don’t need it to be my moral compass. The legal system takes care of convictions and punishment. Once the legal system has finished its JOB, then and only then should the NFL, if it sees fit, issue its own punishment. All this crying about “how could they let him play” and “he should be cut” is premature nonsense. Also, Jim Harbaugh is the man. Only dude in the NFL that doesn’t care about whatever it is the media is bitching about.

SEVEN. The Philadelphia Eagles are 2-0 and the only logical explanation for that undefeated record is this: Chip Kelly is some sort of wizard. Nick Foles can’t throw the football downfield. It’s painfully obvious. The Eagle offense torched Indianapolis on swing passes, screens, and outlets, and most of them went to running backs. Sure, Foles made a few nice throws downfield (one dropped by Riley Cooper in the end zone), but he missed at least three times more than he made. At some point defenses will adjust, or so one would think. When that time comes, either Foles must start hitting downfield or the Eagles will find themselves a neutered offense. Watch the “All-22” film from Monday night and it’s scary how many times he underthrew Jeremy Maclin or missed him completely. Guys are open. Foles simply continues to miss. Here’s more on the disconnect between Foles and his receivers.

SIX. I said this would be brief. This has been anything but brief. Speed round… Doesn’t make sense why so many have jumped off Seattle’s bandwagon. It’s one loss. Against what looks like an AFC title contender. In 110 degree heat. Seattle will be fine.

FIVE. Sunday night was a perfect example of why Brandon Marshall is the best receiver in football. He’s been Chicago’s offensive MVP for three seasons now. Calvin Johnson has more talent. Dez Bryant is faster. No one matches Marshall’s guts.

FOUR. Carolina is still really good. However, here’s why I picked them to miss the playoffs: Carolina’s schedule before a Week 12 bye: PITT, @BAL, CHI, @CINC, @GB, SEA, NO, @PHI, ATL. There are seven or eight playoff teams in that bunch.

THREE. Power Rankings after Week 2 are worthless anyway, so let’s poke holes in the NFL’s.

First, Seattle can’t possibly be outside the top 3. That’s nonsense. Stop it. Second, The Eagles at 3 is silly. They needed a 2nd half rally to knock off the lowly Jaguars and Nick Foles is looking too Eli Manning-ish right now. Third, Carolina and Arizona at 4 and 5, respectively, is too high. Carolina beat a lousy Tampa team and a Lions team that only looked good against the awful Giants. Arizona took advantage of a Philip Rivers choke job and then beat that same aforementioned awful Giants team. Fourth, Baltimore should be in the top ten. They battled Cincinnati to the wire (one of the top teams in the league) and then trounced Pittsburgh despite the Ray Rice mess. They’re a playoff team for sure. What the heck, my ridiculous power rankings after Week 2:

  1. Denver
  2. Seattle
  3. Cincinnati
  4. San Diego
  5. Carolina
  6. Arizona
  7. Philadelphia
  8. Baltimore
  9. New England
  10. Indianapolis


TWO. The Bills at home are a lot to handle.

TWOb. The Saints on the road are quite easy to handle.

TWOc. If Houston’s winning formula is Arian Foster + Havoc-Wreaking-Defense/Special Teams, they’ll be a playoff team.

TWOd. Kansas City played well enough to win in Denver. Unfortunately, that squad is already too shorthanded to compete week in and week out.

ONE. Week 2 MVP: Brandon Marshall. Runner up: Darren Sproles. Not on the ballet: Colin Kaepernick.

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